EDEN II, a 60,000 square foot living laboratory, is the next phase of research and development for Marine Life Research, a bio-tech company that started out in Hawaii 30 years ago collecting fish for the marine aquarium market.  In 2000 we switched our business model from marine species collections to marine species propagation and research including the study of coral reefs, how they are being affected by pollution, over fishing, global warming and development and what can be done to reverse the current trend of losses. In order to further our research we need to construct an actual living coral reef. Building a 500,000 gal reef is very expensive. To pay for our research we are developing our lab into a very unique, major tourist attraction here in Ontario featuring not only a coral reef but over 40 other exhibits including a living rain forest, a butterfly conservatory, tropical gardens a free flight aviary and other displays of flora and fauna typically found on a South Pacific island. This is not just another aquarium, visitors to EDEN II will be able to completely (and literally) immerse themselves into an eco-active tropical island adventure. While other aquariums want you to look at their fish we want you to swim with ours. Dive in, no experience necessary, just ten minutes training and you can actually dive to the bottom of a living coral reef full of hundreds of brightly colored fish, sting rays, sea turtles, numerous corals, giant clams, even a shark or two. And that is just the beginning of your adventure.

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