MARINE LIFE RESEARCH is currently seeking corporate sponsors for our main entrance building, our 60,000 square foot bio-dome and several of our larger exhibits. The price for sponsorship would depend on the building/exhibit.  For the main entrance building for example, we are seeking $100,000 for sponsorship of the entire building including all of the exhibits within the building. For the 60,000 square foot bio-dome building, we are seeking $300,000 per year (based on a five year agreement) which includes your name prominently displayed on the building exterior and at the top of all advertising, press releases, media coverage, brochures and corporate letterhead. For the coral reef “Turtle Cove” exhibit and dive center we are seeking $ 100,000 per year and for the remaining four largest exhibits (butterfly conservatory, sting ray exhibit, rain forest and free flight aviary) we are seeking $50,000 each per year. To be the sole corporate sponsor for EDEN II, we are asking $500,000 per year based on a 5 year plan.  The sponsorship also includes your input and suggestions on various exhibits, film rights, live web cam access and more.

MAIN ENTRANCE BUILDING...Your brand name here!